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Overcoming the unconscious bias in recruiting.

We are all influenced by it: unconscious bias. The so-called "unconscious bias" is our brain's solution to deal with the flood of information that hits us at every moment. This allows us to navigate a complex everyday life and make

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Methods to avoid fraud attempts in online assessments

✦ More and more companies are relying on online assessments to select the right talent for their company. Online assessments offer the possibility of carrying out a wide range of tests via the Internet, independent of time and place. ✦

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It’s a Match! Why cultural fit is as important as competencies!

In the modern working world, the term cultural fit is currently on everyone's lips. This refers to the congruence between the values, attitudes and behaviors that apply and are practiced in a company on the one hand and those of

Der Assistent, der Talent erkennt.

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Werde zum HeRo und erkenne mit Aivy wie gut Bewerbende zu euch passen – und das noch vor dem ersten Bewerbungsgespräch...

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